There are now upwards of 15 educational institutions who have a Paper Library. This number is due to exceed 20 in 2018. Each of these locations has begun with our core institution ‘Library Membership’ for educational institutions which includes the delivery of The Paper Library, plus other benefits as listed below. 

Library Membership for institutions includes:

  • Delivery of The Paper Library - a comprehensive range of swatches from mills and merchants from across the globe featuring fine papers including different colours, textures and metallics through to folding carton board.

  • Access for all students and staff
  • Appointment of a student ‘Paper Ambassador’ 
  • Introductory guidance for staff and the Paper Ambassador
  • Maintenance of paper swatches

Students can further enhance their engagement with the The Paper Library by becoming a member as an individual (see here).

For all all Library Membership institutions, we also offer the following workshops
(additional fees apply):

  • Paper Journey™
  • Paper surgeries
  • Tailored/specialist workshops
  • Paper talks

A full guide to Library Membership for educational institutions is available on request. For 
more information, please contact:
+44 (0) 20 3713 4876